A girl of emotions, feelings, energy & multi talents are the names with which muskaan is called. But does muskaan feel happy about it? Over a period of time, life comes across challenges, envy, ego, face jealously of others on success & fame of your good assets. Sometime even your smile 😉 That’s how the name muskaan was framed. Positive influences: What happens when you are down, upset, you feel to be alone..or share with someone or speak to someone. But in situations where you don’t do anything wrong and you are blamed to the core that you feel like dying. For a second, you miss out thinking that if you die, the same people who made the blames also love you. Its upto a being how they handle the situation. Music is a good companion. Got an advice to cry out the emotions. I was like “????????” Cry if you want to Amina.. but to the fullest. Cry out the pain once for all and finish it off. Then we feel why the hell should I cry for something not worth of. If Cry, they dotry it, you feel better. Music makes me feel better out of the work stress and when a travel is alone. Let the brain be free, let it think, dream. Reality has limits, but dreams don’t. Dreams are the motivators to achieve what we want. The thresholds should be maintained so that we live it, face it and participate in it. Negative influences:Society is with you to ‘talk’ when something doesn’t go good. Don’t know from where is suddenly is born to talk negatives or encourage and bring up the topics with extra cheese toppings. But When some good happens, society is vanished. It goes kidnapped. For instance in your work place, negatives grow and positives are hidden. Kill the negative when it grows. Face it, fight for the positive and prove for the right when you are right. Else unwanted talks kindle around you and disturb your peace of mind. Stupid people live for such things as people are paid for it may be.. Let them know, you can live with your heart and God who knows what is right for you and when you are not wrong 😉 Over a period of time these negative speakers wouldn’t survive as society itself gets bored of the topic and tries to believe what they see doesn’t correlate with what they hear. So if you are true you don’t worry , So you are a damn about the little insects who spread the deadly venoms. Stay away from the gossipers.. Heck people..!! who wants to know the news at first about anything is not like earning a jewel, in that case is not like ‘information is wealth’ , such an information is worth bad health.Such people who move from places to places to grab information about an organization, an occasion are not the top people. Their status remains only at a cheap cost. To say negatives many people will come forward but to say a positive about a person none will come. Keep the person close to you who makes you smile, who makes you laugh, who makes you forget your tensions in a minute. Just one stupid action of fun everything is on place and you heart is filled with joy. Appreciate if you feel it. Open out if you admire, trust be you will see a rare smile on the other person’s face.Paint your life with good colors, choice is yours. Don’t let them fade out or black out. Everything is in your hands.Do something for your near ones and dear ones. Where there is a will they is a way. You first need the will, then rest follows, be it money or way or materials.. How good is to do which you don’t know that you are worth it? A dance which you have never done, a song which you have never sung , A party for elders which they never expect, a get together with people which had never happened. You be the hero. You make a start, do it when you heart gives a spark. You will see the joy in reality. If you keep worrying on something, stop at a moment, decide what you want; if you want it, go for it, though you are in the last stage of losing it , its better to make a try rather feeling for it, watching it everyday going out of hand. You like a person, tell it, If you want a new job go for it, If you wish for something do it. You may never know that its yours and was for you. So sometimes, when your heart keeps telling you, just do what your heart says.. because when it doesn’t hurt anyone or when it doesn’t cause pain to others, why do you undergo the pain. Be happy, make others happy, bring a smile on someone’s face( surprise with a gift) and don’t care about people who don’t care about you.Dont have to teach a lesson to the negative people as life will itself teach them a lesson. Cheers!!


Hijras or Chakkas are people Whom I know are neither males nor females. When I was a kid, first time I came across a person who looked wierd . It was my uncle’s wedding. I saw a person in white attire sitting. He looked like an old man, with light beard unshaved, but still had a long hair pinned properly. I was in class 1. As a regular interrogation, I asked my mother, who is that? She told shh..thats…a “”

Some relative interrupted my mother ‘Hello, how are you??’ and she pinched my cheeks so hard that..I don’t like that lady till date. Then when we were seated, I saw few manly looking ladies in sarees singing with scary voice with tabalas. Funny thing was their ears were pierced with flower bud. I wondered who are they?? My mom told “hijada” in my ear and also told not to call them with that name and to keep quiet . As and when I grew, slowly I came to know they are neither males nor females. But was very scared of them , don’t know why. Once it was a festival time, and after prayers, before the feast, I looked out of window that 100 such hijda people coming to words the gate of my house. I was on my throat.. Mommyyyyyyyyyyyy, Oh no.. So many coming into our house.I rushed down to close the door. I locked it. Mom had told me not to go in front of them, So I have always hidden from such people.They had actually come to get money from my dad since it was festival time. They were huge.and I was hiding and seeing from the window while, one of them saw me “ Hey look there” I went and locked myself inside a room. I was so scared. Dad gave them some money and sent. But later my mom told, me they are not bad people. Their life is like that.We should never hurt them, and never make them feel bad. Else they will curse with bad words , she also told me that , their curse is too strong,that’s why I adviced you so. Whatever it is I was too scared.

Many times when elders sit and talk, I have heard about these people and their stories. It is said to be good luck when such people say something good. Indians sometimes invite them on good occasions in north India. These people sing, dance and make their living and few ask money and beg on roads. They have their own community too.Once When I was in Delhi I saw a girl standing with her scarf on her head , when my uncle(during his college days) clapped hands and shouted “Haye Hayee rokhsaana” Just like that teased a girl. I wondered who was it. Then all laughed and told he was teasing a hijda.. That wasn’t a girl but a hijda, who felt shy and left.. I don’t sometimes understand who is who..

2 year before myself and my friend were walking on the roads of Pondy bazaar to hunt a gift for my friend. Suddenly one of the hijadas came and touched my head and told “Raasathi” you will be good. Etc etc. I understood they wanted money. I wasn’t scared of. But I told I have only 50 Rs , I gave that and left. My friend was shocked. Well I was teased a lot of getting caught with them. Next time I se ethem I rush into a store or hide behind the parking lot. J Funny , but true.  Then , few of me and my friends were again in the same Pondy bazaar hunting a gift for another friend, well this time , I ran away and my friend who teased me was caught. And they touched him, asked for money etc.. I dint know what to do. He opened his purse gave money and was back. I asked what happened? You teased me that day?? Shut up!! Nothing keep quiet. Where did you escape?? Was all asked to me!! Ha Ha. I laughed giggled and asked “SO how much did you give Boss?? 100 Rs.. I was like WHAAAAAT!! Hee hee hoo hoo.. I gave only 50, and you gave 100? I asked. It was very funny for me and embaressing for my friend.But when ever I go to pondy bazaar, I walk too fast and become deaf and blind when I see them.

But yesterday, It was night time and I was buying cake for a birthday and was with my sister, I was going towards the car when one of the hijadas caught hold of my sister’s shoulders and came infront of me, and asked me “de kuch main tere liye karti” (means: give let me do something for you) I was like”Shall I ask them to dance? I was silent.. I dint know what to do since my sister was there. I told ok wait. I gave them 100 Rs from my purse. That hijda was in chudidhaar. He/she took the note and biting the note in between teeth and did some round round action on my head and took it. Then asked me to open my purse. I said no no. He/she said I wont do anything. Will take money and keep it back. ME the fool, dint let him/her to take it. But still he/she took the 500 rs note bit it among the teeth of lower and upper jaw , did round round swirls to me and my sister’s head and dint keep back on my purse, walked away. I was fooled. But I could call them back. I dint want to get curse or scoldings. But it was all fake, she/he told I will get lot of money, good life etc.unfortunately took all money in my purse. I was left with ZERO rupee in my purse. Luckily I got into car and left. I messaged my cousin and asked what he would do. He says he will give only 10 Rs, whereas My Rs.600 was gone. I was feeling uneasy. I called my mom and informed her, When she told me “leave it, think it was a donation from your side” and forget it. I was much much relieved after speaking to my mother. Else I was too too uneasy. But whats the use, I was fooled. Silly me. Next time not going to keep money in my purse!! Moral: If I keep , I hide it amongst these people.


My cousin sis was out of station with her kids, while she dropped her maid to stay along with us for few days until she was back. Silambarasi as she wanted me to call her..  I said ‘Hey too big name Girl’ Will call you ‘Simbu’. In the evening I wanted to massage my hair with hot oil. While I did that after my return from my Exams from college. I sat down in front of my PC, wanted to listen to some songs, then I chose youtube to watch some songs. Simbu, the little maid entered my room, She calls me Akka’’..  Akka what are you doing???

Muskaan: Hey Simbu!! (she looks like a small and round apple). Simbu asked me what I was doing! I replied her am watching these songs , its boring, will you sing a song? Simbu told me ‘Akka paaatta? Naaaana?” (singing and me???) , Muskaan (me): Yes you.. common start off.. I boosted her and encouraged her like anything.. She was feeling good about it and told ‘Yes Ok’ I will sing. I told her, well.. Gurl Simbu.. you can sing today and dance tomorrow.. So She took both her hands and closed her mouth as if she won the title of miss.world. She was happy. I told her will give you sample songs. You practice today and dance tomorrow. Just for fun, I went to youtube.com and played ‘shiela ki jawani’ for her. She was like “aweeeee” Does she have chest pain??  I told her that she needs to dance like that. Now that’s what I call as performance. Simbu was like “Noooooo”, I told her it’s a talent to do such a dance. Its easy steps. You just need to clap your hand right up, ‘my name is sheela , sheela ki jawaaani’. We all laughed along with her.  I was kidding her. Then I played Shakira’s Hips don’t lie. When I played that with full sound.. She kept her eyes and mouth open and was amazed by the song..She felt shy too, she told “No No chi shame, she is just holding tight and breathing too hard for such a dance??” I was rofl. Simbu was going on saying “chi.. why is she not wearing proper clothes” I dont find the girl in the song wearing anything” exclaimed Simbu.I told Simbu that she is shakira and very famous singer and dancer and told her that its an amazing belly dance she does. To add more fun, I told her I will get her chamki’s(glittering stickers thing) to stick just like shakira stuck on her back on hips don’t lie song.She exclaimed aloud.. “Akka she is not wearing anything” I don’t need chamkis.. and she shook herself and told.. is this a dance? The way she did herself up and down , me and my friend and sibling laughed a lot.

Simbu had not seen such videos , to irritate her , Muskaan decided to put some songs similar and showed it to her via youtube. The songs were. Tic tic tac(Chilli feat carrapicho) , Brazil(vengaboys). She ran out of the room, when she saw the girls in bikini in the song.Muskaan told her I like the beat of the song. Not the people in the song. She told me “Akka rumba mosam akka ,antha blue color mudi vecha ponnu”(too bad that girl who has blue colored hair). Simbu was telling me “Akka antha ponnu vanthiruchu”(that girl has come again). I could not control my laugh looking @ her reaction. The song was a bit vulgar. When ever the girls wore short skirts or bikini in the song, Simbu was like , the dance is good but why aren’t they wearing anything. I was lolzzz.. She was shouting “Ayoyo” “Ayoyoyo”. I couldn’t control my laugh. I told her. Most of them are blacks , as you see them, they are from your village. Simbu exclaimed!!!!!!” Noo they are not from my village. No girl will be like this”. I said  ‘why don’t you admire their dance’ ?? Simbu told me.. “”No use in blaming these girls who are dancing like this, We should contact their mother’s asap. Why are they allowing these girls to do such a thing! We should give them nice beatings.”” Muskaan was ROFL .. Clapping and laughing for all her comments.. She closed her eyes for Vengaboys video Brazil.Th beat of the song is too too good. When I looked @ my maid, her shoulders were doing up and down automatically but when she noticed that I saw her doing that,she ran out of the room and when she comes back, She was shocked to see girls in beach side in that song. I was laughing to the core while I was on the chair , I automatically landed on floor but still continued the laugh till my stomach hurts. I asked her if she wants any other song. She was totally distracted and we all ROFL. It was damn funny. Simbu was shocked to see western world on video albums.. and Muskaan enjoyed her reaction. The little maid told Muskaan ,”Akka unga kitey cumpootor iruku le neenga sollunga avangale..ipdi dance aadavena nu” (sis, you have computer right ? why dont u tell those girls not to dance like that?). I myself had not seen that song completely, When I saw along with the girl , I was surprised but more lots, I laughed a lot.Simbu told “antha saniyan blue color mudi and kevalama dance aadra ponnu ku sollunga akka” <–I was all LOLZZZZ..

To add more masti(fun), Muskaan randomnly chose someone singing youtube. Actually it was too funny and bad, there were people’s comment saying he sang bad. I told Simbu that it was internet via which we can see the other world and people from far of can see us. I told there is a person who will sing for you online now. When I played it. We all laughed again and simbu was like “Is it true??” he is singing for me?? It was good to see her expression. Then she told why is he singing for me?? I told her because you are a nice girl, he is singing for you. She was pleased but told, ask him to stop.. pls!! that’s when I switched off from youtube and started writing this story..Am still laughing and Simbu besides me asks me ‘Akka why are youlaughign all alone?” I replied “nothing girl.. I am writing something about you! She was showing all her 32 teeth and asked again. What is it?? I told her if she was here for somemore time I will play those video songs.. She said “NOOOOOOOOO” and left the room 🙂

Ah, a new maid joined our home, since she was from far off village, and was too interested in cinema and films, She wanted us to call her one of the actors name. When am off to bed, I saw my maid trying to sleep but still up with a tamil magazine, I asked her “Whats up?” aren’t you tired? Its going to be 11.30 pm. Maid replied: Yes akka(yes sister) I am going to sleep, I just saw this book , in which its written that the actor Tijayaganth had one full hen as his meal. So how do you find sleeping in city? You get sleep easily? Anyways it’s a Airconditioned room. There is no such facility in village, so you like it? My maid wanted her to call as silambarasi. I was like lolzzzz… So she divertedthe topic saying “Akka your shell is shooper”. I wondered what she was trying to say?? Then she asked how much is that? I understood she was talking about my new gadget , my new touch phone she was amazed by seeing it. She told me that she dint believe it at first that it was a phone, and I was trying to fool her. But why will I fool her?? She says” There is no green button for call and red button for ending the call. I broke out into laugh and told it’s there girl.. Will explain later..

As I kept on laughing, the time was 12.00am. I was on the corner of the bed , and she was on the floor on a mattress. I asked her to tie up her hair while she is asleep and not to let it open and make a funny statement that ‘if you keep your hair open, next day morning it will vanish..I suddenly asked her to check the balcony doors, I found them open. I asked her to lock them immediately else some thief might come and attack her in the night. She ran and locked it. Mean while I tried to strike another conversation asking her if she knows dance. My maid told no.. But she had seen people dancing when God comes into their body. I asked whats that? She said, every year there is something called “thiruvizha” which is a festival for the tamil Gods and goddesses and they carry it all over their village and there will be lot of music and dance. One lady or gent who gets the power of the moment will dance dance  like anything for the music and drum beats.  She also mentioned that , this goes on for an hour or two and the person who has the power , and is dancing should be fulfilled with proper music, because one she saw one lady dancing dint like the music and she ended up beating the old man. I rolled on my beg laughing. My maid said , am not joking, I said ok ok .. continue then.. She continued telling while the saami(that’s how she calls her god)is dancing and if that person of power keeps hand on someone’s head while dancing, they will also dance vibrating like anything. I felt her talks too funny and same time interesting..

I asked her how does her house look like and is there a bath room. She told me there is no bathroom and people use to pee on the fields of sunflower farm, sugarcane and rice fields. I told her , then how do you bathe? She explained me each one of her village stories and I went on listening. My maid told me her village was too small and they bury small dead babies inside the house itself or behind their back yard. Strange!! I asked why ?? She told first babies are tend to be eaten up by Ghost , so we bury small babies inside the house. But if big person like me dies people will carry me away after death. In between another sibling of mine interrupted the conversation and asked ‘who will carry you away?” She said someone. My sibling asked ”Oh but why?” cant you walk? I was rolling on my bed holding my stomach and laughing. My sibling was puzzled and asked my maid, who are people who will carry you? You are heavy, aren’t you. My maid laughed and replied that if she dies they will carry her to the burial ground rather burying at home. We all laughed a lot. Then my maid asked me “Do you believe in ghosts?”

I said , am ready, start it.. now..and laughed for a long time. She said “please don’t laugh , I feel shy”. Ah, okok girl continue. She said, she has not seen it but still a ghost will always wear white robe and has no legs with hair open . I asked so why don’t you talk to ghost? My maid told me that she is scared. During the night times ghosts roam around . I asked her if she will lift the robe and check if the ghosts has legs or not, while my maid told, she smells jasmine when ghosts comes or sound of anklets ring aloud. She also mentioned ghost always hang around the coconut trees or tamaring trees and not neem trees. I asked her in case it rains, and they wana pee urgently or go out in the night, what w ill she do? Would the ghost disturb her while she is out. She said I better don’t shit at all. When it rains where do I go out , I really felt sad for the girl. I told you can use the bath room now and teased her. We all laughed. After she completed her laugh, she narrated few ghost stories, while I laughed to the core, as she told it was shown on TV , it’s a true story . While she started the horror story, my sibling told her, hey girl, why don’t you sleep, you might get some weird dreams if you talk all these, My maid told I want to tell this. I told her go on..

My maid started “ I saw this on TV , She speaks with lot of expression and actions.So I found it very very interesting , I was too sleepy it was almost 1 am. I let her speak, and dint want to disturb her enthusiasm. She started..once there were two brothers who drove a car through a village and on their way , they were blocked by a a lady with white saree and long hair over her face.The ghost. And she was calling through her hands towards her. These two people in the car puzzled out of which one was too scared and another was quiet brave,had a tough time. They decided to turn off the head lights of car and stay inside the car and decide to throw the eatable outside the car so that the ghost might get satisfied. I laughed a lot for the statement she made. My maid continued saying those two boys stayed for 1 hour, after which they dint find anything.Suddenly one boy amongst the people in car was too scared suddenly felt something heavy on his shoulders and someone tightly massaging him. When he turned back, he saw the ghost , a girl was behind him with all blood over face and skin peeled off and eyes were poked. Horrifying and screaming both boys ditched the car on a tree trun , as if was going zig zag on the narrow roads of village. A passer by, stopped and tried offering help to the accident spot. He found two boys unconscious, and helped with water. He then asked them what happened, while they explained about the entire scenario, the man who helped told them, that, few days back a girl was raped by two men in a lorry and the girl was killed there and hence the ghost calls everyone in any vehicle which passes that way. Finally the man was asked for some help and find them a way to their town as they felt lost and decided never to come back.

My maid finished her story, meanwhile I asked her so, you believe this? She said “Yes promise” I believe it. Good I exclaimed and asked if she slept peacefully that night when she saw it for first tim on TV. She said I spent  sleepless night but still I couldn’t be without telling you this , but still I was scared, But  I wanted to tell you so I told you. By the time she told all this I told her good night and was fast asleep. As I slept I expected to get some stupid dream related to this. But unfortunately I saw a dream as if I was in Paris France , and I was in a award function, where I was given 4 awards for UOC 0911 work for my project, another for best walking style(lolz- I still dono how funny was that), another for working well for entire quarter and another for best project. When I woke up , I was totally surprised.. I am yet to ask my maid if she got any dream.. 😛

Ah.. Summer in Chennai.. Hot, hotter, hottest. Area wise power cuts during the peak hours of day. Lucky that we spend the time in Colleges or Office where it is air conditioning is centralized. Friday had come and after the tiring schedule of the day , work, issues , tensions, meetings etc.. and Muskaan wanted to enjoy her weekend.. After supper , while she was walking towards the balcony and looked around, the street light was burning yellow and bright.

While she walked all alone to the balcony , she unpinned her hair which fell long down. Admiring the beauty of the silver moon , she let her fingers slowly in her hair and moved them aside when they fell on her face disturbed by the gentle breeze. The street was full of houses surrounded by flats and buildings. As she watched the moon for 2 minutes, suddenly “bloop”, power cut. All the houses were black, dark and the street light was gone and muskaan was like “shaaaaaaaaks” Not tonight!! She couldn’t see the moon any more. It was playing hide and seek with the clouds.

After 2 hours still the power dint turn up. Muskaan was asked by her dad to move to terrace with her pillow and bed. While she climbed up the 4th floor of the building with a candle and her pillow, she enjoyed entering the terrace. Till her dad and mom came up to give her company, she put her bed down with her pillow. The moment she peeped out from terrace..She saw darkness. Nothing else. Few people with torch lights probably the watchmen. She was irritated that she has to sleep with mosquitoes, but other than looking around she had nothing else to do. She sat down on a tank, where she saw slowly the moon coming out of the cloud. A glitter of light falls on the place around. While she just rested her hand on the floor and sat down, she saw the most beautiful thing, The sky full of stars.

Rarely we get a chance to see the sky like that. When there is a power cut in the entire city. There is no light down on land. You lift your head and watch the most beautiful thing, lots of stars, also the ones which were hiding and invisible due to light. The sky was so starry, that apart from  blue, red and white glittering stars where there. Slowly there were shapes which Muskaan could find on the sky. The stars were in a separate fashion. Lots of stars,, suddenly she saw stars breaking down and moving. For the first time , but still, it was silly to compare with a movie scene, that its lucky and you make wish when you see that. Muskaan dint notice that there were mosquitoes dancing, because cool breeze and the moon light was keeping her busy. She tried to take picture from her mobile but that dint capture the beauty which her eyes did. You forget all your tensions when you look at the sky,you do remember your problems, happiness,emotions etc. But still its beautiful feeling to watch the starry sky alone.

When the neck started paining and she tried to turn her neck she saw a dark tall blanket wrapped thing appearing closer, she asked who is it? “yaaru” Kaun hai”? It starts running an suddenly comes closer. She tried to grab her mobile tight. Mean while it crosses her and runs away. Finally the power was on and she finds who that was screaming “Stupid .. Who the hell is it.. The monkey cap was removed and the blanket was unwrapped. It was a tall young well built person, Who are you? Why the hell are you in our terrace exclaims Muskaan, screaming Daddyyyyyyy….. come up.. The guy smiles at her and says hey.. am ur new neighbor. Don’t shout. Muskaan ran away from the terrace saying get lost.. Nonsense..

Muskaan uttered “ Next time I see you..  I don’t want to look @ u. cha..”

Good mobile connection with free sms availability not only is a boon to the students and youngsters but is also a craze. Minimum of 100 sms free per day is common for past 6 to 7 years, but there are people who never message but feel better to call and speak to the person directly. Its common among people to send sms as in jokes, forwards, information, request etc.

For past few years it has become common to forward religious messages. Coming more into it , it also has connection with something called we are supposed to forward it to minimum of 10 people or with conditions like we should forward the message within next 5 mins to 10 people else we will end up cursed in something bad in life. If we do forward it according to the condition mentioned at the end of each sms, we will be in heavens..

Aamir : Hey buddy do you believe in these sms?? Why are you sending it to me?? I am too lazy to send it to the others, anyways am not superstitious .. Cut the crap yaar..

Milan: Hey I too never used to believe it but whats wrong in sending it. I had to forward it to 10 people, being my best friend, I put your name too.

Aamir: Hey you .. you normally wont even send messages to me  when you are with your girl or wont even pick my call , how dumb, you forward these kinda sms to get out of some trouble?? That too you are sitting right next to me..Mad or what?

Milan: Dude.. you are taking me wrong.. you know what I think we should give a try to these holy messages and chuck messages like “if you forward this sms you will get Rs.50 top up in your prepaid card”.

Aamir: Arrey! I dont believe in those things, its better you too stop believing it.

Anonymously we sometimes get such emails and messages in cellphone. But its too annoying to read the last line. Why to criticize religious virtues and culture?? Even people for whom the sms facility is not free also start forwarding such messages? Why? What are they scared of?? Also if balance is down in mobile and there is no means of making a reacharge at that moment, people try to forward such messages through websites which provide means to send free sms. (example: www.eezefreewaytosms.com). If seriously, some message has to be spread out , then any person who gets the message can just cut out/backspace/delete that part of the message which contains ‘ forward it 10 people minimum, if you do this is in 1 hour, you will get a good news tomorrow, if you do this in 1 day you get a good news within a week. If you regret it! Don’t regret it. You will have a cursed life”. Delete that content and then forward it.

Life is life. Everything is a lesson. Its like a stage where we learn through our mistakes, but never try to give space for such man made assumptions which bother people a lot. Lifeon earth did not start by forwarding 10 to 15 sms or emails to people. Its all controlled by God. So it is important to believe in yourself  and respect the life and things you are blessed with.

Tring Tring during busy hours of the day..

In a day we get many calls from customer care, few ask for bank loans, money policy, investment plan and some don’t know why they call us. Directly they ask questions like , May I know your name where re you working? Whats your pay package?  Arrey Yaar!! Why the hell should I answer them?  Am too busy. But still there is a line where you can say there is always next time.”Can you call a little later please?” you get a question again “eh  When mam?” Most strange question after 2 mins of talking , may I know your name mam? Phew.. Sometimes feels like just dropping  the call. Where do they get our numbers from. So famous or what that number is always contacted even without knowing who I am? C’est bizarre! Anyways, people also get paid for bugging others.

It is their job to get hold of customers and also speak to them politely , Don’t know how many such irritated people they haven’ t handle per day to get customers and sponsors for their product / services. When we don’t need such contacts rather than yelling at those people, can be polite and let them know that you are not interested . Again!! There is a question. Mam!! May I know why you are not interested? Please mam can I speak to you about this plan for 2 mins? Sometimes feels like ok… Go on.. at the end when a “no” comes to accept the plan, they get annoyed and drop the call.

Muskaan gets 3 to 4 calls per day , where she polite to all , saying , I am in a meeting call me later, second time she listens to the plan and then says no. If she is busy she directly says “ No , thank you, ain’t interested. When she is really mood off and when someone keeps shouting or bothering her always during her working hours, she silently forwards their number through the call by saying, Well, am not interested in this plan but would refer a friend who would be interested and give their number directly to them.

When we call customer care, 50% we don’t get our works done easily, yet 50% its done. Just to irritate once Muskaan asked them, Hey what is the motto of your company?  For example “where ever uou go , our network follows is for Vodafone” What is for Airtel?? The customer care girl was in fight with her boyfriend or what ?? nothing seems to be good. She answered grinding her teeth..Why do you want to know this now mam??? Muskaan replied, chumma I want to know, I forgot it. Can you please tell me? The customer care girl dint know the answer. She says it the best. Muskaan replies, No its not that, customer care girl replies, Its that only , in anger and drops the call. Muskaan’s face changed totally. She tried to remember what is the motto or line for Airtel. Then she gets reminded of it. “Express yourself”